Monday, November 14, 2011

REMINDER: Next Shape-Note Singing is this Monday, Nov 14th, 7:00-8:30pm

Our next singing is coming up this coming Monday night, Nov 14th,
7:00-8:30pm at University Mennonite Church. If anyone is inclined to
come a little early to help set up the room, I would be obliged
because I'll be sliding around some cartons from the "Ten Thousand
Villages" annual sale Saturday to make room for the square. Please
drop me a line if  you can come a little early to help.

I would also highly recommend stopping by the 10K Villages sale
tomorrow if you like to support fairly traded arts and crafts from
around the world. "Ten Thousand Villages" is an organization committed
to selling seeing that the majority of the profit from these sales
goes directly to the artisans. The years I've  been involved, we
unpack all this cool stuff Wednesday and Thursday, and the sale, which
is really popular in town, goes Friday and Saturday. I'm always amazed
at the variety and creativity of the art, and even though I'm not an
arts and crafts person by nature, I somehow always wind up getting
stuff. And the prices are very reasonable.

There is also a "cafe" (downstairs) where they serve delicious
international food and rustle up live music to play (i've been rustled
up again to play banjo with my fiddle/guitar playing compatriots for
the 11:30-12:00 slot I think, or maybe the 11:00-11:30 slot). My banjo
playing is nothing special by a long shot, but the other guys are
good. And the sale is really good. It goes 9:00-3:00 or 4:00, but the
good stuff is generally gone by 3:00. Here's some info on the

The only downside for me of this whole business is that all the unsold
stuff gets put in cartons and left in the lobby Monday until the
shipper comes to take if back. And there are typically a lot of
cartons, unless all of it is sold of course!  So if you can come
Saturday to buy it, or come Monday a little early to slide it around,
either would be appreciated. But most importantly, I certainly hope
that you can come to sing!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year



Go forth monkeys... just don't try to change the world like your dear ol' dad. Choose jolly as your mark and you will live well.

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Friday, August 12, 2011

Tilak of Tibet Reveals Life's Purpose - The Great Change

Within a chamber sat an old man. The old man was the Keeper of the Ancient Wisdom. Before the old man stood a younger man; an applicant for admission to the Pyramid Rites.


The old man was speaking: "Seeker of the Sacred Heritage, art thou willing to undergo the many tests?"


"I am," replied the younger man.


"The way is long and rough."


"I am well-shod with virtue," replied the young man.


"A custodian of the Ancient Wisdom assumes an eternal responsibility—a responsibility that can never be put aside."


"I would assume that responsibility, most honored Priest."


"Thy name?"




"Thou art accepted, Max, as a neophyte."


For over fifteen years Max dwelt with the Keepers of the Sacred Script.


The Great Change


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Thursday, May 5, 2011

May basket full of music @ Elk Creek Café + Aleworks

May basket full of music @ Elk Creek Café + Aleworks

Please find Elk Creek Cafe + Aleworks on Facebook!

This Week: 

Tonight! - KC Rounders
KC Rounders are local to central Pennsylvania and include Dave Defilippis (mandolin, guitar, banjo, vocals), Chris Rattie (guitar, harmonica, and vocals) and Cory Neidig (banjo and vocals).  

Saturday, May 7 - Genghis Gyekis
CD Release Party for “Little Ladder”
Gary Gyekis, Doug McMinn, Anders Olsen, Bill Stetz, and Steve Mitchell.

Next Week:

Thursday, May 12 - Doug McMinn + Andy Tolins featuring Bill Stetz!
Blues, roots + originals!! As only these boys can deliver.

Saturday, May 14 - Erin Condo Band
Singer-songwriter Erin Condo returns to central Pennsylvania more than six years after recording her debut album “Leaving Songs.”  Erin will debut her new electric band featuring Mighty Wiggus (guitar), JK (bass) and Kevin Lowe (drums).

Sunday, May 15 - Zeropoint Big Band
Sunday Afternoon Jazz
Featuring opening set by Penns Valley High School Jazz Band
Zeropoint Big Band is a 16-piece big band featuring central Pennsylvania’s top musicians. 

Thursday, May 19 - Poe Valley Troubadours
 Local roots music with the Poe Valley Troubadours, Steve Crawford (guitar, vocals), Jeremy Tosten (guitar, vocals), Paul Dix (mandolin, vocals), Steve Buckalew (fiddle) and Jimmy James (doghouse bass). 

 Saturday, May 21 - Kevin Gordon
"Kevin Gordon was supposed to be a poet, and he wound up playing rock n'roll. His music isn't a career choice, it's a life." - Grant Alden - Oxford American
Over the course of twenty years of writing, recording and touring, Kevin Gordon has built an impressively consistent catalog of songs, a critically-acclaimed stack of albums, and a reputation for dynamic live performances that make first-time listeners life-long fans. A Louisiana native now based in Nashville, Kevin Gordon is a songwriter whose work has been recorded by Keith Richards of the Rolling Stones, Levon Helm of The Band, Irma Thomas, Ronnie Hawkins, Webb Wilder, Kate Campbell, Blackie & the Rodeo Kings, and others.  
Sunday, May 22 - The ReAnnimators
A Blues Tribute to Ann Rabson
Bill Stetz (bass), Steve Mitchell (drums), JT (keys + vocals), Doug McMinn (guitar, vocals and sax) and Ann Kerstetter (vocals).

Thursday, May 26 - J Mac’s Contraband
Born of Jason McIntyre’s desire to gather great musician friends to make great music when his Rustlanders weren’t making great music, this 7 piece all-star ensemble's inception was playing off nights at Elk Creek to hone a unique and fresh Americana sound.  Stellar lineup that includes Andy Tolins, Katie Twoey, Daryl Branford, “JK”, Dan Collins, and “the Rev” James Horton, members of multiple bands all.  

Saturday, May 28 - Pure Cane Sugar

Sweet, sweet Americana harmonies.
Natalie Berrena (vocals),  Kate Twoey (vocals, guitar) Molly Countermine (vocals, percussion) and Ted McCloskey (sticks & snails & puppy dog tails).

Saturday, June 4 - Miss Melanie & the Valley Rats.
Mark Ross, Jack Wilkinson, James (Rev) Harton, John (JK) Kennedy, Melanie Morrison
Playing blues from all eras but also original compositions, there's something for all tastes. And with members of Queen Bee & the Blue Hornet Band (Mark Ross & Jack Wilkinson), call it whatever you'd like. . .but don't call it a comeback. Beginning in the summer of 2010, this band is comprised of seasoned veterans of the State College music scene and a new kid in town. The combination gives way to classic blues with a subtle twist.

For more information on upcoming shows or ticket purchase please visit
Thank you.

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