Friday, August 12, 2011

Tilak of Tibet Reveals Life's Purpose - The Great Change

Within a chamber sat an old man. The old man was the Keeper of the Ancient Wisdom. Before the old man stood a younger man; an applicant for admission to the Pyramid Rites.


The old man was speaking: "Seeker of the Sacred Heritage, art thou willing to undergo the many tests?"


"I am," replied the younger man.


"The way is long and rough."


"I am well-shod with virtue," replied the young man.


"A custodian of the Ancient Wisdom assumes an eternal responsibility—a responsibility that can never be put aside."


"I would assume that responsibility, most honored Priest."


"Thy name?"




"Thou art accepted, Max, as a neophyte."


For over fifteen years Max dwelt with the Keepers of the Sacred Script.


The Great Change


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