Sunday, August 15, 2010

The Jason McIntyre All Stars @ Elk Creek Cafe +Aleworks

Seems like I say the same thing every time I go here. Today will be no different. This place is really a triple threat. I would go just for a piece of their carrot cake, but they just pile on the goodness with food, service and music.

I certainly don't need an excuse to go, but what drew me in today, even though I leave for England on Thursday and have much to do, was the lineup of the band. Jason McIntyre, Any Tollins, Dan Collins, JK, Daryl Branford, Katie Twoey & The Rev. These may very well be the 7 most tallented people within 100 miles, all on one stage at the same time, no less. To keep it short, this is the best live music I've heard since Arlo and Family hit The State, LAST YEAR. Hats off, straight up good shit. Sound guy, sorry didn't catch his name, did such a good job with the 7-piece that I'm going to go ahead and call him the 8th member of the band. I'll expect to see his name on the flyer next time.

Food knocked me out again, staff was awesome and friendly, carrot cake once again proved that God loves me and wants me to be happy. 

Elk Creek Cafe +Aleworks helps make the case that this may very well be the best of all possible universes. 

Go see this band. Go eat at this restaurant. If you don't like it, seek medical attention immediately.

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