Tuesday, September 7, 2010

max2uk10 update for 9-7-10

The last day was loaded up with a drive to the Wail and then to Lewes Folk Club. The Wail was definitely worth the trek, there were a ton of mudcatters there and some great singing. Gave me a welcomed 2nd chance with several fine folks I saw along the way and cream tea and scones with jam and cream. It's a really neat little festival out in a field, and the weather was perfect again. 

Amazingly, 16 or my 17 days were blue sky and sunshine. I don't know what everyone talks about, England's weather is delightful.

Just a couple of hours at the Wail, then it was off to Lewes Folk Club where Hils scheduled to perform and Terry and I were there to support her. Even Richard was cajoled into singing a song. We tore the roof off the joint. Terry sat in with Will and then with me, and Hils was amazing. Her songs are still stuck in my ear. It was another great club in another great room. Not a lot of admitted mudcatters, but perhaps we recruited a few.

Back to Old Keepers to pack and sleep before an uneventful drive (thanks Terry) to the airport. Everything went perfect, flight on-time, the seat next to me empty so I could stretch out, everything went smooth. Then a drive from Philadelphia to State College where my kids were waiting. Emily was a peach to meet me so I could get some of the best hugs I've ever gotten.

The next morning I went to see my folks and pick up my dog, who also missed me dearly. Just when I thought I was home and back to normal, I'm up 2 hours before dawn, clearly still on UK time. So it's back to work, back to life... Wish me luck.

There'll probably be another couple of updates as a ruminate about my trip. I can tell you this was a life changer. All the fine folks, all the ground I covered and songs I heard, the festivals the folk clubs, surely I'll continue to process it all for the rest of my life. Perhaps I will consolidate it all with the pictures and such and offer it up in a more tangible form as suggested, we'll see.

I very big thank you to all involved. All the great folks who welcomed me into their homes and drug my butt across the country and into their clubs, thank you. Hils and Richard, SINSULL and Mick, jaqui and anyone else who contributed and organized this trip, you are amazing, it all went off without a hitch. Amazing...

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